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"Working with Jared has been great for our business. We transitioned from another radio show producer. He was able to get a great deal on a station with a bigger audience. All I have to do is show up and talk! Jared’s team takes care of the rest, so I can spend my time taking care of clients."

Angela Sloan The Retirement Architect with Angela Sloan
Sloan Financial Group, LLC

"As I began to search for assistance in growing our television outreach, Jared Wilkins name was recommended from Mass Media. After a few conversations we began to work together. Best decision I could have made. Personal service, second to none. Under his guidance we have grown from one network to eight."

Dr. Baruch Korman "Love Israel"

"As a Christian ministry, we want to be wise stewards of the financial resources God entrusts to us. The Mass Media Group assisted our ministry in efficiently placing a long form TV program on secular networks in 2014 and again in 2015. Jared and his team were a blessing to work with."

Samaritan's Purse

"If you’re interested in getting results ..talk to Jared. Every time I‘ve set him a task/opportunity he’s completed it before the deadline with the minimum of fuss."

Max Compton Managing Director - Risk Free TV

"Our experience in working with The Mass Media Group has been outstanding. We find Jared to be responsive to his client’s needs as well professional in the way he conducts his business."

Ed Gallagher Vice President of Sales and Operations - Aberdeen Broadcast Services

"We began on a small station and in 2015 moved up to WABC. Radio had a tremendous impact on our business. We penetrated New York City and the surrounding area with our message, translating into new customers. It is now one of our main marketing tools."

Ryan M. Payne President - No Payne No Gain WABC New York
Payne Capital Management, LLC

"Our relationship with Jared Wilkins began with a need to improve our sales with radio lead generation. With Jared negotiating our airtime we were able to acquire more stations resulting in higher listener traffic. Our business continues its steady growth pace every year resulting in an average 300% ROI. What I appreciate most working with Jared, is that he continues to make our firm feel we are his first priority."

Heidi Lennon VP Marketing & Operations - Financial Symphony with Mark Lloyd WYAY
The Lloyd Group Atlanta, GA

"We have been very pleased with the assistance provided by Jared Wilkins and his entire team at Mass Media. We came to Jared in need of quick action due to a failed relationship related to a radio show, and he stepped in quickly and efficiently negotiating relief from the station, giving us time to develop a new show. The show they put together better in both quality and content than the previous show. Having never having had responsibility for an entire radio show, The Mass Media team team put us all at ease, making it a great experience. I recommend them without hesitation."

Gary Imel President
Retirement Bootcamp with Gary Imel
Integrated Financial Services Seattle, WA

"No other campaign comes close to the quality of leads generated through the “Get it Right Solar Show”. In 6 months we’ve sold over $800,000 from this campaign with our lead-to-appointment ratio at 86% and in-home close rate of 52%. We’ve since expanded the program to a significantly larger market and the return on the investment of over 1700% makes continuing a smart decision."

Chris Cubbage Director of Marketing
Energy Conservation Solutions, Inc.